What To Expect From The New iPhones


The new iPhones for 2018 will be here very soon and fans of the brand are already wondering what the newest iPhones will look like and what features they will have. Now that Apple has had a full year of gauging customer responses to the iPhone X with revolutionary features like facial recognition they are doubling down on the redesign of the iPhone. New iPhones for 2018 will all be based on the iPhone X design and the features that the X has instead of going back to design another version of the popular iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the 8 and 8 Plus.

Why Get The New Ones

There were many consumers who were fans of the iPhone who opted to keep their old phones. Price was part of that decision since the iPhone X debuted with a cost of around $1000. But the price wasn’t the only thing that customers were wary of. Many were so used to the design of the phone they had they didn’t want to switch to the X and have to learn an entirely new way of interacting with the phone. And many people felt that while the iPhone X’s features like facial recognition were pretty cool and cutting edge they didn’t need those features in a phone. To most customers “nice to have” wasn’t enough to pay $1000 for. It led to numerous issues with existing apps. For example, you might have problems with Phonespector software on a newer one.

Which is the best pick for you?

Should You Wait

Usually, the latest version of the iPhone is the must-have item for the holiday season. But with many people unsure how they feel about the iPhone X the new models of the iPhone that are based on the X might have a tough time finding a nice among consumers who are more often turning to what’s familiar instead of what is cutting edge.

I plan on keeping my iPhone 8 and not upgrading until I have to. The features that the X has are interesting and fun but I depend on my phone (like how to hack text messages from another phone) and I like the way the one I have operates. It could be that consumers are finally reaching a critical mass point when it comes to mobile phones and now they value function more than cool design and tech toys included in the phone. Because so many people depend on their phones, like I do, having a reliable function that they can depend on is what really matters to consumers these days. And the new iPhones for 2018 that are based on the X would have to be pretty special to get me to upgrade.

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