Can Technology Help You Relax?

Most of the time when you hear people talk about technology and relaxation they are talking about how your smartphone and tablet and all the modern technology we have today will keep you from relaxing. But technology can also help you relax when you’re really stressed out. Using your phone or tablet to help you relax can improve your health. Whether or not technology improves your health largely depends on how you use it. Here are a few ways that you can use technology to help you relax and manage stress:

Switch To Night Mode

When people talk about the light from phones and tablets being bad for your health they mean the blue light that is emitted from tech devices. That light signals to your brain that it needs to wake up and pay attention. So it’s true that the blue light from phones and devices can have a bad effect on your health. But if you switch your phones and devices to night time mode or night mode they will automatically dampen that blue light and replace it with a soothing light that will actually help you relax and sleep better. So set up your phone and tablet to automatically switch to night mode in the evening and your devices will help you become more relaxed.

Use Relaxation Apps

There are many different types of relaxation apps for both Android and iOS platform phones that can be a big help in managing stress and relaxing. Meditation apps are fantastic for helping people that are new to meditation practice meditative breathing and relax throughout the day when stresses occur. There are also unique binaural beats apps which use sounds and tones that are scientifically proven to help with insomnia and stress. And there are relaxing sounds apps that you can leave on at night to help you sleep like white noise apps or apps that play sounds like ocean waves or gentle rain.

Leaving your phone on all night to take advantage of these apps isn’t ideal, but if the apps to help you then you should use them. Just make sure that you don’t have the phone right next to you in bed or actually on you at night. Use a charging stand so that the phone can charge throughout the night and put the charging stand as far away from your bed as possible. That way you can get the benefit of the apps without having the phone next to you and disrupting your sleep.




Yoga is great for relaxation because the gentle stretching helps relieve physical discomfort as well as helping you with mental clarity and focus. With your smartphone or tablet you can stream yoga videos anywhere that you are so you can practice yoga daily even if you are on the road. You can take a quick yoga break in your office or start the day with some flow yoga to help you relax and be more centered.

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