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It’s OK to Admit Parenting Is Hard

How Technology Saves Lives – Beating Cancer with Science

Many men, women, and children are benefiting from modern hospitals, wearable health monitors and even at-home diagnostic kits that are easy to use. Technology has allowed many health practitioners to treat severe cases in the hospital and help out-patients manage themselves at home before seeking professional help. Technology bridges the gap between health care providers …

If Your Child Acts Strange with Her Cell Phone, Learn Ways to Spy on a Phone and Find Out Why She may be in Danger

Can Technology Help You Relax?

Most of the time when you hear people talk about technology and relaxation they are talking about how your smartphone and tablet and all the modern technology we have today will keep you from relaxing. But technology can also help you relax when you’re really stressed out. Using your phone or tablet to help you …


What To Expect From The New iPhones

The new iPhones for 2018 will be here very soon and fans of the brand are already wondering what the newest iPhones will look like and what features they will have. Now that Apple has had a full year of gauging customer responses to the iPhone X with revolutionary features like facial recognition they are …